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Embed Virtual Computers in your web app

Open any third-party website or application, synchronize audio and video flawlessly among multiple participants, and add multi-user control with just a few lines of code.
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What are Virtual Computers?
Remote desktop & mobile environments that you can embed directly in your web apps. Embed Chrome, Android, Linux, emulators and more.
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Embed anything. Support
1 to 10,000 active participants

Embed any third-party website or application
Avoid wasting time maintaining integrations and dealing with X-Frame-Options issues. Hyperbeam has out-of-the-box support for all websites.
Synchronize audio & video among multiple participants
Synchronize any embed without spending months fixing obscure bugs that cause issues such as desync. Supports audio call echo cancellation.
Add real-time collaboration with multi-user control
Screen share is inherently single player. Instead, add seamless multi-user control to any embed instantly. No downloads or browser extensions necessary.
get started

Start building in minutes

Write your backend in any language and hit our REST API. Load and control the virtual computer on the frontend with our NPM package.
Want to see the full example? Check out our hello-world example on Github.
additional Features

Focus on building instead of debugging

Programmatic control
Programmatically open apps, navigate to URLs, and run scripts to customize your UX.
Echo cancellation
Removing audio call echo when embedding apps is non-trivial—so we did it for you.
WebGL support
Embed WebGL apps with our custom-built servers made for GPU-intensive workloads.
Session save states
Save your user’s sessions so they don't need to re-authenticate or open their apps again.
Access control
Specify exactly who can control the virtual computer and when.
Kiosk mode
Hide parts of the UI to give the look and feel of a native app.
Raw audio & video data
Seamlessly render Hyperbeam's virtual computers in your 2D or 3D virtual world.
International servers
Worldwide server locations that are optimized to provide minimal latency.
Mobile & touch support
Users can tap, gesture, and drag-and-drop on their favorite mobile devices.
featured customers

Products built with Hyperbeam

Hyperbeam has been a godsend. We wanted to open webpages in VSCode but kept running into CORS issues. After spending two days trying iframes, cors-anywhere, and web scraping, we finally found Hyperbeam and had the feature working in less than five minutes.
Han Wang, Cofounder & CEO
It's been a pleasure to work with the Hyperbeam team and product. Hyperbeam has a clean, powerful API with incredible support. It's unlocked key web browsing features for our collaboration app. We're excited to continue working with it as it evolves!
Gabe Baker, VP
Using the Hyperbeam API has been an amazing experience for our users. It was very easy to integrate and has since worked for months without hiccups for thousand of users. The staff has also been incredibly helpful and eager to help whenever we had questions.
Haukur Rósinkranz, Cofounder & CEO
API pricing

Start free, then pay-as-you-go

Get 10,000 free minutes every month. Only pay for what you use afterwards.
Get 10,000 free minutes every month. Pay-as-you-go afterwards.
Volume discounts apply automatically based on your total usage.
Additional discounts are available for high-volume customers.

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Rate per additional participant-minute. Volume discounts apply automatically.
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30,000 - 10,000
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